3 elements your website must have

We did the research and we found out the 3 most powerful features your website must have. These 3 features will build trust between you and your customers and keep them coming again and again. 

Let’s start first with explaining the basics. What is a lead in the business world?

The lead is a person who has shown interest in your company, product and/or services in a certain way, form or shape. Business and company websites strive for that attention and interest and try multiple ways to generate leads at a frequent rate. These are tree elements that your business website must have in order to increase the lead generation.

1. A Blog

This is one of the best ways to generate leads on your website. Having a new freshly written content in a form, which the user can relate to – the blog – generates views and raises awareness to the website as a whole. Just remember that just “having” doesn’t equal “succeeding”, the contents of the blog need to be at close topic to the websites thematic, be of high quality, adequately used language and informative.

2. Reviews and feedback

Leave room for this option, it has been proven that users most often rely on the opinions and rates of other and make the decision of purchase based on them. It is obvious that you will give everything in your power to generate only positive feedback, but remember, there is no bad publicity. If you receive a negative review, show your users you are willing to work on the issues explained. 

3. Social Media Connections

This is a must-have for the era of social media we are living in. Your website must have quick shortcuts to the most famous (and appropriate for your website’s thematic) social media websites: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Additionally, your website will need an easy way to share content from it to these social media sites and also the option to quickly connect with a social media account and also follow your company/business on social media. These generate a lot of views, clicks and shares, helping you spread your website across the Internet and most importantly – social media.


These are THE three features your business website must in order to gain the most of advertising, social media and increase the leads flow to it. These help you take advantage in the best possible way of simple actions online like clicking, sharing, rating and others, actions which will determine your popularity online. So make sure you have these and strive for the best!

If you need help with setting these up, we are happy to help. Just give us a shout



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