Webmail issues

Webmail is free. And that's attractive. But we all know every free thing comes with a cost.

So with Webmail it can be server issues, unreliability, mobility, poor email search function, spam and a lot of spam? Sounds familiar?  And that's the exact reason I decided to write this article. 

Webmail can be frustrating especially if your company deals with a large number of email everyday. Tracing that important email between you and a potential client can be stressful. So the solution? It's Google Apps for Work (previously referred to as Google Apps for Business) handling emails has never been easier. With this incredible service from Google, your IT department (If you have one) will be able to get rid of all those painful server issues and focus on more critical IT matters.

Let's get straight into it. Below are five benefits of Google Apps for Work

1. Great uptime and reliability

This is the most important reason why I recommend Google Apps. Google Apps for Work is designed to withstand any disruptions because data is mirrored across several servers in real time. This means that if one center fails, another will take up the data with no visible interruptions to the service. Google apps for work such as Google Docs, Google Groups, Google Calendar, and Google Talk have an uptime guarantee of 99.9%. Oh yes, Google Docs, Groups and Calendar integrations is another plus point.

2. Improved security

Security is number one. Google Apps for Work have led to increased security which has, in turn, resulted in better protection for customers’ emails. The company has invested tons of resources in the form of process-based and physical security. Google has employed the world’s leading security specialists to protect its email servers and also research on the latest security features to use in their systems. Its data centers feature several multi-tiered security systems and the latest biometric controls. Also, the search giant through its cloud-based software has been able to manage its security updates efficiently thus protecting its customers from dangerous malware.

3. Control and Flexibility

Using Google Apps for Work means you have more control over your personal data. The service is flexible as you can always leave the service when you decide to stop using it. Also, Google Apps for work APIs enable its administrators to integrate the service with any other similar technology. Your workers will able to get full access to info across all devices including computers, mobile phones, and tablets providing they have a working internet connection and that's cool.

4. Save more with economies of scale.

Get value for your money once you use this service because Google purchases many of its components in bulk then assembles them. Doing so saves the customer the cost of hardware which can be pretty steep at times. The components are also managed in bulk saving you the consumer the cost of using the service.

5. Leads to speedier collaborations

All data used is stored in the cloud instead of one computer meaning multiple users can access and participate in assignments simultaneously. You also don’t have to have the same operating system, browser or software to access projects. Faster collaborations mean better efficiency for your company. For example, when working on a document, you can store it in the cloud and make any necessary changes in real time. This will save your co-workers lots of time as they won’t have to send the document back and forth every time they want changes effected.

So if you are looking to migrate emails to Google Apps, give us a shout and we are happy to help. 

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