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Email marketing is an effective marketing method you can use to improve your web presence.This particular method of advertising is also cheap and easy to do. Email marketing is important as it helps businesses build long lasting relationships which critical for any successful business.

Here are some of the popular ways you can collect email addresses.

1. Adding a newsletter sign up feature on your site or blog is one of the most popular methods of building that email list you have always wanted. You could even add a sign-up feature for your newsletter on the main navigation bar of your website. The sign-up feature shouldn’t ask for too much personal information lest no one will fill any forms. The email address is enough even though some sites include names in the fill-up form. Also, you could add a sign-up feature in the “About Us” page or the footnote of every page of your website.

2. Other quick and easy methods of collecting email addresses are by attending conferences, seminars, networking events or trade shows. When you attend such events, carry around a newsletter sign up form or book. If you are a tech lover, use a tablet or phablet instead. Talk to the attendees and ask them to sign up for your newsletters. If you have enough resources, you can host your seminar or event. Invite industry players, consultants, and businesses to your event and then request the attendees to sign up to your newsletter.

3. Use of social media

Social media continues to disrupt the traditional methods of consuming content such as electronic and print media. Social media is one of the best ways of expanding the reach of your customer base and therefore increasing your web presence. Be active and get the best out of popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Take a photo of your product or showcase your services using a short video on Instagram and include a link in your bio asking people to sign up and get to participate in giveaways. Once you trigger an interest in the buyer, they would love to opt in to your email database.

What to do with the collected emails?

Use the collected emails to promote your business.

It’s a low-cost marketing option. Email marketing is way cheaper than using print or electronic media to advertise your brand. Most of the marketing companies have a free plan which you can give a test run to see if it will have any impact on your brand.

Use of email will keep your business top of your customer's mind.

Remain in touch with your clienteles by sending them regular emails. As a marketer, you may find yourself talking to your customers only when you want them to purchase products from you. In such a case, an Autoresponder will come in handy. You can choose to schedule to send content to the email list on a consistent basis. For an instance, you can send newsletters to them or promotional giveaways.

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