I guarantee, by the time you finish reading this article and apply what I say, you will 100% get your dream job in Australia.

I came to Australia in 2005 as a student to do my Bsc at Monash University, Clayton campus. I finished my degree in 2009 and on the same year I landed a Web Designer job at a reputable company in Richmond, Victoria.

I worked there for 3 years and went to an even better job, then even better salary and along the way I worked at Deakin University in Burwood as a Web Development Coordinator as well.

Landing jobs were extremely easy for me. You might think I'm very smart. No. I definitely wasn't the best candidate with the highest technical knowledge. I know it, the interviewer knows it. I'm not lying. I hated programming and just loved the designing bit and my coding skills were very poor, but I always managed to beat everyone and land the jobs. How? Because I followed a very specific method and some secrets other’s didn't use.

After learning these tricks, I helped many friends with the same. All of a sudden they start getting interviews within days of applying my tack ticks.  

So, I’m going to tell you how to get a job in Australia the easy way, no bull.

Why do I do it? One reason is I am now doing my own business and Im not planing to go back to a job, so I don't mind telling everyone my tricks. The other reason is, I always help people for nothing in return. Yeah, I'm wired like that :)

Let's get started!

I’m a Sri Lankan. The whole process of getting a job is very different in here. This article is for all the International blokes who are having a hard time landing a job. Here you go…

1) Change your name.

Yep. From today you will get yourself a name that’s easy to pronounce and remember.

My actual name is Udara Induja Uragoda Appuhamylage. I changed it to Udi Ura. I still applied for jobs with a shorter version of my original name, but you get better chances with an English name. If you are Ching Chong, change it to Michael Chong. You get the idea right? Same with Indians, Bangladeshis, Vietnamese etc etc. Change your name. Someone asked me if they have to change it legally. No. This is going to be your pet name. Usually asians have an "English name". Get one for yourself as well.

2) Get your own domain name.

Now, if your new name is Udi Ura, get http://UdiUra.com.au, if its Jay Singh, get http://JaySingh.com.au. Its $12 per year, $24 for 2 years on Crazy Domains. It's the cheapest place right now for domains.

3) Setup a legitimate email address.

Now you have your domain, set up an email address. Don’t ever email your CV / Resume from your Gmail addresses or Hotmail address. You have 0% chance on landing a job this way. This looks spammy and very unprofessional. If you are looking for a professional office job, it's time to stand up from the crowd with a professional email address. 

So if you are Jay Singh and you bought JaySingh.com.au, make an email account such as [email protected] or [email protected] and use that as your primary email account. You can easily set this up on your phone as well. Its easier than you think. Crazy domain offers email creation as well and it's easier when you get the domain and email from one place. Here's where you can get an eamil account

4) Do your CV

Do not follow the CV structure you used back in your country. Australian CV structure is EXTREMELY different. Don’t ever put things like Biodata, Nationality, Height, Weight (lol), hair colour etc. Keep everything simple. Don’t follow the CV structure you followed when you were back in your country.

This is important. Companies have CV filtering systems. They search for keywords in your CV and that’s how they filter out 10,000 applications to 5 applications. To tackle this, make sure to have good keywords in the body text of your CV and cover letter. If you are a web designer, include Website Design, UX Design, UI Developer etc in the text when writing the CV. If you are looking for an Accountant job, have keywords such as Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable etc in your CV.

If you are in the Design area, put more attention to the design of your CV. Here's my CV for you to check. This is the first time I'm releasing this for everyone to see. So get the best out of it before I pull it down.

If you are not a designer, get someone from Fiverr to design it for you. I always use Fiver and highly recommend it. Here's the link

5) Now setup a simple Website for yourself.

Again, If you don’t know how to, get someone from Fiverr to setup a simple wordpress site for you. You can find great web designers there.

Keep it really simple on the website. Why do you need a website? Its easy access. When you are on the phone with a recruiter, you can simply ask them to type this in. It's all about making your CV readily available for Recruiters to see. That's important.


6) Setup a LinkedIn Profile

This is very important. This is the first place Aussie companies look for before calling you for an interview.

Put the same content as the CV and Website, enter your skills, past experiences etc. The CV, Website and the Linkedin Profile all three needs to be on aligned with each other when it comes to content. Consistency is important.

7) Do a Cover Letter

Again keep it simple and very different to the cover letters back in your country. Don’t ever say “Dear Sir”. Australians don't use Sir. Say “Dear {first name}” example “Dear Michelle” instead.

8) Search for Jobs on SEEK

Go to SEEK and start looking for jobs. When you apply, make sure to save the job descrip into word documents if you're interested.

Create folders for every month and copy and paste the job descriptions into word documents and save it in your folder. The reason is usually companies take down their job listing from Seek when they start sorting candidates.

9) Applying for JOBS. Read Carefully!

Ok. This is the most important part.

Before applying, proofread everything. Give it to someone in Fiverr and proofread your CV and Cover Letter both. Then fix your Website and the LinkedIn profile as well

When applying, make sure the cover letter is addressed to the right person in the company. DO NO EVER send a mass email to every company you can find with Dear Sir/Madam on it. It needs to be personalised.

My company gets hundreds of emails from people sending mass emails with their CV attached looking for a job. I send them a reply with a link to this article and ask them to rethink how they apply for jobs.

Think of it this way. If you don’t even spend some time to show that you really like to work in a particular company and you don’t even call them and ask their Human Resources Manager’s name or the person in charge of your role’s name, why would they give a shit about you? I get it. When you are desperate, you don't really care where you work as long as you get a job, but companies don't care about you. They care about them. You have to show you care about the company and the role is important to you.

In average companies get over 5000 applications for jobs they post. Specially in IT, Accounting areas. I once applied and landed a job and the Recruitment officer said they received 10,000 applications. Then they filtered it to 5 applicants and interviewed everyone and finally chose me. This is 6 years ago. So now, it’s 10X more competitive.

But you are lucky because you found this article. Not everyone will apply for jobs properly. That means you have a high chance of landing the job :)

First things first

First, make sure the Job title is displayed in your CV and Cover letter as EXACTLY as the company’s job description. If the company is looking for a Front-end Web Developer, change your CV and Cover Letter header part to Front-end Web Developer. Don’t just leave it as Web Developer or Web Programmer. If the job requirement is an Accounts Payable Officer, your CV and Cover letter should match the title. Don't just apply with a generic title such as Accountant.

Everything in your Cover letter and CV should match what the company is looking for. You are the one looking for the job, not the company. So give your CV and Cover Letter some thought before applying.

The important thing is, you dont have to apply for 100s of jobs. You only have to apply for 10–20 jobs, right and you'll be amazed by the response you receive.

Emailing the CV

Once CV and Cover Letter is ready, copy the cover letter heading and the body copy to your email, attach the CV and Cover letter and send it to the person. Send them in PDF format. Don’t ever send ugly word documents unless they specifically ask for it.

Add your email signature as well with your new name, phone, email etc.

Following up

After a day or two, call them and ask them about the job you applied. Every company will provide you how they are going. If it's still being processed, don't nag. Just say thank and hang up. Nagging won't push your application to the top. 

10) Interview

Let’s say a company calls you for an interview. Here’s how you will attend the interview

Be Prepared

You are so close to getting the job. So don’t mess it up.

First, research about the company. What they do, their website, staff, managers, directors, type of work they do and what your exact role is at the company.

They will ask you questions to see if you actually did any research. Do it! Its very very very very important. The most important is, have FAITH. Strongly believe you got this and believe you'll land this job.

Dress code

If you are a male, wear a nice suit and a tie

Be there at least 5 minutes before the interview. Don’t ever get late. Once I got 10 mins late and the HR manager asked me to leave after I arrived at their office. If you ever get late, call them and inform. But if you are late it’s bad first impression so you might as well drive back home.

If you are female, get a nice office suite from a good clothing shop. Google office attire and follow them.

During the interview & PERSONALITY

Say Hello {Person’s name}, and shake hand.

Be cool. This is the most important thing. Don’t act like you are just off the boat. Act like you have been living in Australia for a long time and you love the culture here and you have adopted well.

Maybe you DO love the culture already, but the point is, you have to show you can blend in with their company’s current staff and culture well. This is the MOST IMPORTANT PIECE OF ADVICE. This is the time you show them you are the right person for the job. If you act like a cocky dumb idiot, then forget about job. This is where most of the International blokes like us get screwed. We act stupid and nervous! Don’t because you have a high chance of landing the job.

Show them you are friendly, you can work with others and you are down to earth.

They will decide if you are the right person within the first 2 minutes of meeting you. Trust me. They meet a lot of candidates and they can feel you before you even arrive.

If you don’t know something tell them you don’t know it but you are a type of person who loves to learn and they will accept. But still you have to do your research and be well prepared for their questions.

Once I got a job interview with 24 hours notice. They were looking for a very specific skill on a Content Management System called Joomla. I knew nothing about it. I went to http://lynda.com and learnt this software in 10 hours straight. You have to be extremely committed. Remember, there are 10,000 applicants.

Impressing the recruitment officer

I always always impress the interviewer. Here’s how I do it and this is the best secret out of all the secrets.

When my role is Front-end Developer, the first thing I do is look at their current website. They probably want someone to look after their websites. So what I do is, I design their website in Photoshop and print it on large boards from Officeworks and take it to the interview. Here's an example design I did for a brochure for a company. Below is something I did for a company. 


EVERYTIME… YES EVERY TIME I do this, the interviewers go WOW! and they can’t believe their eyes. You have to do exactly the same in your field. You have to impress them in a way they will not believe their eyes because that’s the day they decide if you pass to the second stage or not.

When that happens, you know you got the job by its horns.

If you do all these you will land a job within 2 weeks rather than 2-4 years. Trust me. You got this and this is a proven method I use every time.

Also watch the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness”. That’s how committed you should be when you look for a job.

If you like this, please share with your friends and family. I like to see this article going around the world.  

All the best!