So you have seen it. You go to a website and their Ads popup wherever you go.

Why and how to follow people around and does it have any impact on sales?

It has a huge impact on sales. Here's why and how it works.

People research before they buy. Let's say you want to buy a TV and you do price shopping for a couple of days. After a week or so one of the websites you visited earlier last week pop up on your Facebook wall or on Youtube out of nowhere. Then you click it and you are ready to make the purchase. 

This is called "Retargeting" or "Remarketing". It works great and that's how I brought you to this article as well. 

Maybe you saw one of my Facebook Ads a couple of days ago and you visited my Website. Now I'm going to give you more FREE "Educational Content" around how Online Marketing works and direct you to book a FREE 30 Minute Strategy Session with me if you still haven't.. 

When I follow you around for some time you finally decide to jump on a call with me. It's that simple.

Of course, every strategy is different. For my business, I want people to talk with me about their Sales problems and then I direct them to free content or get them on board as clients. If you provide a service, your strategy might be similar but there are many ways to educate people and get them signed up. For a product based business, it can be different. If I have an online shop, I would display the exact product you were searching for or similar alternatives. But at the end of the day, it about being there when your clients need you the most.

You can use Remarketing if you;

Provide a service such as an Investment Banker, Accountant, Lawyer etc

or you sell physical products such as Properties, Cars, Beauty products or any other physical product. 

You get the idea right? It's a matter of being in front of your potential clients when they need you the most or when they are finally ready to make the purchase. 

If you like to discuss how Retargeting can be used for your business Click the PINK button below and book me for a FREE 30 Minute Strategy Session, if not I'll follow you around until you go 😉

Udi Ura
The King Of Sales Generation