Top Salesman

A salesman can do amazing things and bring in loads of leads and sales to your business.

It's tried and tested and there's no doubt about it. If your Startup or Small Business is gunned with a Top Salesman your business will boost in months, not years not decades. 

But, there is a problem. You are just starting up and you cannot afford a Top salesman and pay him atleast $130,000 right? That's the average Salesman's salary with 6+ years of experience and that includes commisions and bonuses. 

Ok I am going to tell you your Startup CAN actually afford a top sales gun, AND for 1/5th the cost. That is for lets say roughly $25,000. You won't believe me? That cannot be true? Think of it this way. You hired a new Salesman, and he is amazing. He has years of experience and he does exactly what you want him to do. 

  • Your customers love him
  • He's friendly and trustworthy
  • He gives exactly what your customers are looking for
  • He doesn't ask for commissions and bonuses
  • He doesn't chit chat
  • And best of all he works 24 hours 7 days a week (Now you get it right?)
  • And he doesn't sleep
  • He doesn't eat
  • and the list goes on….

This is too hard to believe? Trust me, this is true and all our clients have one of these salesmen working like a machine in their business. So who's this salesman? This salesman is your Website. Yes. Its your Businesses' Website. That's the very first contact your customers will have even BEFORE emailing you or lifting the phone to call you. 

Your Website should act like the salesman I mentioned above. Not just a salesman, a Top salesman with RESULTS and with years of experience and a salesman who understands your business extremely well. A salesman who knows your competitors and work accordingly. Your customers should feel welcomed when they visit your Website. The Website should help your customers build trust between them and you. The website should convey the message your salesman would over a face to face meeting. Don't you think so? So when you look at it that way you might think paying $25,000 for a Website design in Australia is way too cheap right? You are right. 

Sometimes you have to pay more for a website that does all the above because a salesman is not just a man with a phone as a website is not just a pretty design. The good news is, at UdiMedia we are here to help you succeed online for a very affordable price with higher returns on your investment. We are able to do this due to our experience in the industry, due to our tried and tested Online Marketing techniques. So give us a shout if you need help and we are happy to assess your situation. 

Yours truly
Udi (Co-founder)

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