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I am going to share our Facebook Advertising checklist we use at UdiMedia. This has helped Australian Businessowners save thousands of advertising dollars.

It has become a common practice for people to advertise their products and/or services using Facebook. Just pay for the ad and it will show up on Facebook’s sidebar or on the Newsfeed. But is that it? Facebook Ads could give you great publicity, but used wrongly it could cost you a lot of your marketing budget with no return on the investment. I'll discuss some Online Marketing methods we use at UdiMeida for Facebook Advertising in Australia.

So, you may know the main ads displaying criteria Facebook has. 

  1. Targeting (Advertised as 89% accurate) – You are able to target people by their location, interests, age group and behaviors, all which you could manually set as criteria.
  2. The frequency of the Ad and its visitation – You can advertise based on Ad impressions or by paying per click basis, also known as PPC.

So here's how to Increase Revenue and Decrease Costs when advertising on Facebook.

You need to create a good strategy so that you invest enough but not too much in order to increase your ROI. Here is the check list we use at UdiMedia

  1. Determine your Ad’s objective and its purpose
  2. Develop a budget you can actually afford to spend.
  3. Design your Ad to grab the attention with interest and with a strong sales proposition.
  4. Create personas of buyers you would want to visit your Ad or website frequently.
  5. Create more than one Ad, with different images and targeting specs to test which one would be best accepted and performed better.
  6. Rotate your Ads frequently – When people notice your ad frequently they could get bored with it. This will decrease your CTR (click-through rate) and lower CTR means, higher CPC (cost-per-click).

The creation of your Facebook Ads campaign needs to be done with a written plan; It requires careful strategising so that you don’t end up with a boring uninteresting ad on the Facebook sidebar, losing clicks and paying more.

As usual give us a shout if you need help with Facebook Advertising and we are here to help.

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