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Currently, there are billions of web pages online, and millions of websites are launched every day throughout the world. For your business to make any economic sense, you need to sell more and thus generate more revenue.

Stay ahead of the pack by increasing the number of people that visit your Website. However, that’s only the first step. You need to convert those page visits to leads and therefore profits. Below are some of the easy to do ways of increasing your leads in just seven days.

Day 1

Use more images

Make your page stand out by using more images and less text. Pictures will capture the attention of visitors faster than plain text. Also, images break the monotonous nature of websites making them more inviting.

Keep information on your landing page concise.

If your page isn't clear on what is being offered, you will only encourage visitors to go to your rivals’ web pages. Your text should be crystal clear and straight to the point. Ensure you are brief and always have a description of your offers. Make a bullet point list of the benefits people will gain when they purchase your product.

Day 2 & 3

Set up & link Social Media

The social media is one of the best resources you can use to increase the number of leads that you get on your site. You can choose to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube. Each has its advantages. You only need to be consistent and be patient. You can choose use Facebook or YouTube ads to market your site or products to millions of people worldwide.

Day 4 & 5

Call tracking

Call tracking will enable you to get critical concerning the incoming calls. Call tracking software can record a range of data such the time distribution of calls, location of the caller, and the calling numbers.

Such software can enable your company to determine which marketing strategy is generating the most leads and thus leverage on it. The recorded calls will also allow you to determine how your staff is performing and the lead quality.

Include testimonials or customer reviews

When people purchase products from your website and are satisfied with the goods, encourage them to leave a testimonial. People will trust your products more if you include testimonials in your site. Moreover, showcase any awards, accreditations or recognitions you have achieved.

Don’t include any fake testimonials. They can easily be spotted, and if a visitor notices any, he or she will desist from dealing with you.

Day 6 & 7 

Use Google AdWords.

Google AdWords are an efficient way of increasing the number of leads to your site through the PPC (Pay Per Click) concept. It will cost you nothing to sign up for the program and better still; you will only pay for the service when people click on your site. Research on the best key phrases associated with your site and come up with content that will make your page more visible and therefore increases the number of leads.

Day 8 and on

Be active on social media and keep an eye on your speding on Google Adwords. You will get flooded with leads on day 8 and on if you have the above 6 items in place. Give us a shout if you need help with any of them.  

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