4 signs you need help with your Digital Marketing

Facebook is a hub of all active buyers. Well, its just one of them. But If your business Facebook page isn't active, your customer will notice. People make a LOT of buying decisions right on their Facebook page. 

How do we know it? Here's how. We recently built a Website for a Personalised Silicone Wristbands manufacturer in Melbourne. They say being active on Facebook is the best things they have done for their business. 

Companies hire consultants & accountants, pro athletes hire fitness experts, and you probably have hired a tax advisor. As a business owner, hiring the right Digital Marketing Agency will help you grow your brand online through every Digital media. Here are four reasons why you might need help from a digital marketing agency.

1. Lack of time.

Growing a small business is tough, because most of the time you will be doing million things at once. And that's the exact reason why I built UdiMedia. To help Small businesses with Digital Marketing and Advertising. I remember when I wished there were more hours in the day so I can finish all the tasks I was supposed to finish last week.

We know that internet marketing is important for your business, but due to the millions of tasks you need to do, other things will be prioritised. Researching and managing digital marketing can easily take up the whole day, and the amount of time you spend on online marketing will increase as your ad budget increases. Protect your investment by hiring an expert who will dedicate resources and time to your online campaigns.

2. When your business isn’t growing

When business stops growing, it’s a sign that you aren’t selling enough. You aren’t attracting any new clienteles to your products or services. Yes, you can survive on the repeat clients, but in the long run, this is the reason why businesses fail. Your brand needs to keep attracting new customers, through all social medias.  

3. When internet marketing isn’t your area of expertise.

A good marketing company will boost your brand. It will always ensure you are a step ahead of your competitors. For instance, Google recently announced mobile friendly sites would rank higher in its online searches, yet close to 70% of small businesses don’t have a mobile-friendly site.

Marketing companies, will take advantage of such trends and come up with solutions that will keep you ahead of the pack.

4. When you aren’t sure of your ROI (Return on Investment)

One of the biggest reasons why people manage their ad campaigns their selves is so as to lower the advertising costs. However, there is a misconception that agencies are expensive for small businesses. People often don’t look at the bigger picture; the amount of ROI their business will earn once they outsource their marketing campaigns to an agency. An agency can recommend the best campaign optimisation methods, audience targeting and many other factors that will help you get great value for your investment.

If this sounds like you, talk to us and we'll give you a free quote on costs involved. 


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