The importance of the social media to any business or startup has shifted over the years from being just an optional marketing strategy to being a priority.

Twitter and Facebook have become such an integral part of marketing that most companies have social media marketing to their PR and marketing departments. This new form of marketing is especially important for startups who are working with smaller budgets. However, despite the importance and potential of social media, very few companies maximize its potential.

Marketing your startup on a small budget

It’s critical for you as a startup to budget your monies well so that you don’t burn out at the launch level. Remember that it’s tough to succeed in a highly competitive environment if people don’t know your products

Since time immemorial people have always marketed their products by word of mouth. The concept hasn’t changed, but the sweet spot has. In comes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Vine, which have completed changed the marketing industry. It has enabled startups to reach millions of customers worldwide.

So the fundamental question: What is the best social media channel for Australian Startups?

To be sincere, there is no single channel that’s best for startups. It all depends on your audience. I would recommend a combination of two or more channels to get the most out of social media.


Facebook is quite a favorite social media channel for Australian startups. One of the reasons why Facebook is on top is because of its ad program which is a great way of reaching a big audience without spending so much. Also, starting a Facebook Page for your marketing needs will cost you nothing.

With over a billion users your business will have a massive exposure to potential clients. It’s the one social network that has people from all walks of life and age brackets so reaching your kind of audience shouldn’t be such a tough thing to do.


Twitter is the second most popular channel for startups. It's recommended if your intention is to interact with your audience on a one to one basis. You may also be able to solve issues your customers face in a fast and timely manner. With Twitter, you can connect with your clients, and get feedback on the goods and services you offer in a very personalised manner. Also, marketing your products on Twitter will cost you nothing making it ideal for Australian startups. You can incorporate the viral nature of Twitter to your marketing strategies to further promote your brand.  

Pinterest & Instagram

The above named social media channels are recommended as they have been observed to have a high conversion rate because clients can see what they are purchasing. Pinterest and Instagram have an easy to use interface. Use the two social media channels to grab your customers’ attention and thus, build long-term connections. You can use the two to tease product launches as a marketing strategy. Go for the two if your clientele is the young and tech savvy generation.

As always if you need help with deciding what's best for your business or situation, we are here to help. Give us a shout any time. 


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