We are living in the digital era where millions of people use the internet to consume fresh and new content. As a businessperson, owning a Website is critical to increasing the awareness of your brand.

The popular question among our clients is how to get my website on first page of Google and Bing, the most popular search engines people use to search for products and services. That's because our current clients understand the benefits of having a website for their business. 

It’s surprising that only 47.1% of all Australian businesses have an online presence. That is half the businesses in Australia don't have a business website design. The honest trust is, that 52.9% of business owners are missing out a LOT! With the millions of people using the internet to access info, as a business owner, you need to have a website so internet users can simply, reach you! 

So what’s the real purpose of having a website?

Selling of goods or services

Gone are the days where people walked to shops looking for products and services. We recently built a Website where you can design a Custom Made-to-measure Suit online and get it delivered to your home in a week. You will enter your measurements into the website and pick the fabric and the design and simply place the order. The reason for the birth of this Web project is the internet. Customers simply prefer to do the ordering online rather than walking to a Tailor shop. As most of the selling is done online, our client is able to give far better prices than a normal street Tailor. 


You can market your goods and services on your website e.g. through email marketing in Australia. Most of the email marketing companies have a free plan that is great to give a test run to see if it will have any impact on your brand. Online marketing is a low-cost marketing option as compared to the traditional ways of advertising such as print or electronic media. Facebook and Google are extremely popular among internet users. Almost the entire plant is on Facebook and that's where you should be too, showcasing your products. There are thousands of ways to advertise on the internet, that is paid and free. Have a read through this article I recently wrote on Advertising on Facebook to get a good understanding on advertising on Facebook while keeping the costs down. 


When you are active online such as through your site or your social media accounts, people can be able to access your services, 24 hours, 7 days of the week. Statistics show that with the burgeoning standards of living, people are working more hours so that they can fend for their families.  With such little time to spare, people may not have all the time to come to your store and buy whatever the goods and services they want. It's, therefore, important for you to have a website so that customers can access your services from the comfort of their beds or couches through of course, mobile phones and iPadsTM.

Beat competitors

Unless you are a monopoly in your niche, you will have competitors. Being in front of your customers when they have a problem is the best time to be in front of them. When I consult clients, the first things I them is to jump on Google and search for the products and service they offer as a customer. Look at the results you get, the customer reviews other businesses have displayed, how active their Facebook pages are, how active their email responses are, simply how they try to acquire customers online. That is how customer winning is done in the internet.

You may find this overwhelming, well to be honest it can be. It's not about just getting a business website done and hoping customers will come when they see it. Its 2016 and there's online competition more than ever before. So there are a millions of things to do before getting real customers from the internet. But that's exactly we do here at UdiMedia. Feel free to contact us and we can see if we can help you. 

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