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Mobile manufacturing companies are selling hundreds of millions of devices every year signifying the surge in the use of mobile devices used mainly to consume online content.

The most popular devices include mobile phones, tablets and lately phablets. Such a shift has led Google to change its search algorithm to favor sites that are mobile friendly. This means that your site will be given priority and rank higher on Google if it’s mobile friendly.

Google stated that people with sites that are less mobile friendly would most likely see a hit in their of rankings. Internet enthusiasts have termed such a move as a “Mobilegeddon.” Some of the changes that the company would look into when determining whether a site is mobile-friendly include the text size & links layout. For instance, how close the site links are to each other, how wide the content is in relation to the screen size and if the mobile viewport is set or not.

What’s better is that the company released an easy to use tool that you can use to test your site and get to see if its mobile friendly or not. You only need to paste your site in the address bar provided and wait for the results. The tool will tell you where you have failed the tests so that you can correct the said areas.

So why should you make your site Mobile Friendly you ask?

1. The surge in the use of mobile devices.

As mentioned above, the use of mobile devices has increased, and the numbers continue to rise every year. Morethan 20% of all Google searches are currently performed on mobile and with the growth in the use of mobile devices, the searches will continue to increase. Close to 30% of all emails are now opened on mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones.

Give your website visitors a positive experience by making your content easy to read. If a potential client visits your page and is frustrated there is a high chance they will leave and visit your competitor’s looking website. Of course, if they enjoy the experience they will keep clicking your site and will most likely purchase a product from you.

2. Social media and blogging activities fuel the use of mobile devices.

Social media is often viewed as one of the most popular and inexpensive methods of internet marketing. More than 50% of all social media content is currently accessed on mobile. Therefore, it's important for you to ensure your site is mobile friendly so that when you share your works on the social media, more people can click your links and visit your page.

3. A fast, responsive site is key.

Websites load content on mobile friendly sites in less than two seconds. Loading a desktop site on mobile will take much longer, which might lead to a visitor leaving your page just because it taking too long to load.

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