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This is a question I get asked a LOT! So thought of writing a basic article about it. 

Anyone who is already on the verge of starting their own business understands the need to create a well-structured and a robust website. This means that it must be optimized for various search engines, have an easy-accessible and modern design, and run flawlessly. Knowing this, the next thing to seriously consider is: How much money you should spend on a website?

There are a few types of approaches on the matter of creating your website:

  • A free (DIY) website
  • Having a friend/relative do it for you
  • Having a professional do it, being a specific person or an online marketing agency

So the price range for creating the site can go all the way from $0 (for free) to up to thousands of dollars. We will focus our attention on two distinct budget groups;

  1. $1000
  2. Up to $10,000

People experienced in website creation would often say that a $10k website is what everyone needs to focus on, the reason being that anything designed for under that price could end up unnoticeable for the online public and underdeveloped, and anything over $10 000 will be overpaying (Of course we are talking about a standard business website).

It’s natural for people to want to save as much from a budget as they can, but investing in your website is practically investing in communications, advertising, and your future image; so it must be quite thought-through.

$1000 Website

Creating your website for the small sum of $1000 dollars does give somewhat freedom in making your own decisions. But, you need to make almost all the decisions on your own. It also can be time-consuming to a point where you lose a great amount of time just changing a font. Then you use a template which could be seen on another website at some point, making yours lose its “unique” element and you basically miss out on the advertising part (most important!). So heres a quick list in bullet points.

  • Lack of uniqueness when using pre made templates
  • Almost impossible to add custom features and functionalities. For an example we integrated live exchange rates into this website and custom database integration into this website
  • Inability to get expert web advice and guidance which will directly correlate with how your website performs in terms of sales.
  • Optimising your website for Search engines could be hard specially on DIY platforms
  • Getting a website alone will not bring qualified leads into your business. It needs an Online Marketing Agency to write out a strategic plan for your business by analysing your competition. 

$10,000 Website (Spoiler alert : This includes more than a website and this is what we do at UdiMedia)

Why $10k you ask? Your Online Marketing Agency will probably not use all the monies for designing your website. At UdiMedia we spread out your $10k investment into small chunks from gathering your business goals to creating a strategic marketing plan for you. Because at the end of the day the real reason to build a website it to generate more sales and beat competition. Heres a quick list of bullet points;

  • This is a biggie. Ability to talk to an Online Marketing Expert. This is solely to plan out where your business is, where you want it to be and how to get there. 
  • A custom built website will stand out from your competitors. It truly does once its designed and built right. 
  • Scalability is a huge one. Most of our clients start with a website and go as far as integrating the website to its own custom iOS or Android App. This is where scalability comes into play.
  • Integrate lead tracking methodologies so you can clearly see where your visitors are coming from and who turns into customers. This can have a huge impact on your marketing dollars. 
  • Ability to keep an eye on competition and act on that immediately.
  • Flexibility with marketing analytics integrations such as Call Tracking, Lead tracking and CRM integrations. 

So to sum up, investing the right sum into online development will result in positive outcomes for your business, all starting from a well-designed and a marketed website. So when choosing an agency, make sure to ask all these questions. 

Like always, if you need help with getting your business online, give us a shout.

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