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Recently I helped a client setup a CRM system for their business. The client's business was running for over 6 years with rapid growth and I showed him how he can grow even faster with a CRM. Let's get into it.

A CRM or a Customer Relationship Manager (Software) is using technology to analyse customers interactions through out customer life cycle. A CRM basically helps in analyzing existing and potential customers data and interactions which in turn improves business relationship with the customer. Today a business of any magnitude needs a CRM system to facilitate smooth sales, marketing and customer support throughout the life cycle of a customer. 

There are many CRM solutions available in the market today as per needs and complexity of the business. One such solution is SalesforceTM which provides a cloud based enterprise cloud computing solution. InsightlyTM is another a strong and affordable customer CRM and a project management tool combination. There are a lot of advantages of using CRM solutions. Some of the essential ones are;

1. Centralized repository of customer data

A CRM enables you to keep all your customer data such as Name, Email, Past orders, Calls, Notes, Tasks, Followups etc at one place which can further be grouped on basis of location, business, priority etc. It also reduces the dependency on a particular sales representative who knows the customer's needs. For an example SalesforceTM takes the centralization up by a notch by using the cloud based system thus making the usage independent of machines or networks.

2. Future prediction and analytics

With the historical data of current and future customers in hand, it becomes easy to predict the future needs of the customer and analyze the market trends as well. With all the necessary information at hand, the efforts in assessing the requirements and needs of the clients are reduced.

3. Tracking of tasks, events, calls & followups

Once of the challenges when running a Small busines is staying on top of everything. A CRM not only keeps customer's data handy but also keeps a track of status of contracts and interaction with the customers. Relying on a person or spreadsheets for this information would lead to some slippage and human errors but tools like InsightlyTM provide a platform for information and error free customer data management.

4. Integrates and automates sales and customer support

Since the customer data and analytics are centralized, the process of sales, marketing and customer support can be automated through these tools. It targets on business objectives and provides a clear overview of the market needs and demands.

5. Cost effective

Since there is less need of manual work and resources involved, the solution is cost effective. With the system being automated, there is minimal chances of customers slipping through the cracks. Once the solution is implemented, the technologies used are economical in a long run.


Traditionally, CRM was used as a sales and marketing tools but customer service are a focus now. With the increased presence of customers on not only the real world but also the social media platforms. InsightlyTM and SalesforceTM enables handling of data and managing customer needs across platforms thus becoming a vital player in business today. 

As always, if you need help implementing a CRM for your business or simple want to discuss how it can help your business contact us today.

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