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Mobilegeddon is a Google algorithm update rolled out recently mainly built for mobile devices.

Web developers and web masters have given this name to a Google Mobile friendly update released on April 21, 2015. The main aim of this update is to increase the ranking of Responsive Websites on mobile devices and smart phones. Searches made from computer or laptop are not affected with this update. The impact of this algorithm is huge after its launch as it hit a lot of high ranking websites.

Mobilegeddon is for People

Mobile friendly update certainly helps people to find high quality content along with relevant search results. Searchers need not require tapping or zooming for the relevant result, as the text is easily readable and tap targets are spaced appropriate. Google has taken much care that page should not display unplayable content and horizontal scrolling.

Key Features of this Update:

  • Search ranking only on mobile devices is affected.
  • Globally, search results in all languages are affected.
  • Works on individual web pages and not complete website.

Why the mobile-friendly change is important?

  • People exploring local information with their smart phones, consists of 94% of the population.
  • Mobile searches occurring at home or in office is 77%.
  • Those who search on smartphones for local info have visited a store within 5 miles, consists of 72%.
  • Almost 50% of people who search for local info on their smartphone have visited a store within a day.

What to do about Mobilegeddon?

Many local business owners are hoping to great extent, as they know the potential of this update on their future sales. Your company’s mobile search rankings will have diverse impact depending on how much of your web traffic comes from devices like tablets and smart phones. If the traffic coming from those devices is very little, then the ranking of your site on mobile devices will also decrease. If your site has good number of visitors from mobile devices, then you will certainly see a great impact on rankings of your site. Google Analytics is a great place to start as it provides significant understanding on site traffic data by page and device.

You should be careful while analyzing the data and focus on how your customer will make purchasing decisions and how you can increase your sites traffic, even if the sale is not made specifically on mobile devices. For example, there are number of people who, online browse items on mobile phones, further purchase them on desktop computers. Mobilegeddon is helping many people to grow their business.

As always if you need help with getting your Website Responsive, give us a shout and we are happy to assess your situation. 

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