We want to help small businesses to get maximum possible clients from the Internet, period.

That’s our main goal here at UdiMedia!

Udimedia is a groundbreaking Online Marketing and Website Design studio in Melbourne founded in 2005. We specialise in generating more sales for your business, using the internet, social media, search engine optimisation, and conversion rate optimisation. There are hundreds of technologies and techniques we use to get there but in summary we help you get the best out of internet sales.

We are results driven. That means;

  1. First, we help you find your ideal customers, where they are and what they do online. This helps us narrow down your market and increase conversion.
  2. Then we help you find the best advertising and traffic generating platforms. We have tried and tested pretty much all the platforms out there in the past 10 years of doing business. This can be expensive to trial and test, so we are here to bring our experience in this space and help you find the best methods of advertising for your targeted customers.
  3. Then we bring qualified traffic to your website and clearly show you how much you have spend vs the number of closed deals. In other words the ROI, the Return on Investment.

So let’s get exited and get in touch with us to start working on your online side of the business.