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    How to Lose Money With Facebook and Google Ads

    Yes it's true and I'm sure you have experienced it too. But at the same time you've also heard they do wonders for your competitors' businesses. And Marketing experts say they don't work for you because "You are not doing it right!"

    Isn't it's annoying when the experts just leave you in the cold without really telling you how to actually get them to work? You must be wondering what's this black hole only these so-called "experts" have figured out?

    I got a GOOD NEWS for you! I'm going to tell you EXACTLY why you are loosing money and how to fix it RIGHT NOW ! I'm sure the "experts" out there won't like this. But why am I doing this?

    Here's my why.

    Once upon a time I was a desperate man trying to find more clients. I was a Freelance Web Designer. Even though I was a great designer, I sucked at the most important thing to run a business, finding new clients.

    In 2013 I ended up with only $200 in my bank account. Here's how it happened.

    Running my own web design business was my dream. I worked in many corporate companies in Melbourne and managed to save $40,000. I finally resigned my job in 2011 and fully focused on my web design business.

    I started dumping money on Google and Facebook Ads. I didn't know what I was doing. Before too long my bank account was draining fast and I hated logging into my account to see the bank balance. I was certain it's getting lower by the day.

    In less than 12 months I lost all my savings. Then I went back to what I hated the most, a corporate job.

    Maybe you have experienced a similar situation but here's the thing. It thought me a lesson that I will never forget. I told myself that I will do what ever it takes to learn how to generate sales for my web design business.

    Fast-forward 4 years; I'm now a Founder of a half-a-million-dollars business in Melbourne. It's called Wristband Monkey Pty Ltd. You can Google it later but listen to what I have to say. Learning about Google Ads and Facebook Ads and putting them into work for my own business gave me an unfair advantage. Then I made it my mission to help Aussie businesses with the same. Generating sales for their own businesses, fast.

    Where you got it wrong

    From my experience here's why Facebook and Google Ads are eating your money.

    It is because of this 1 thing you have got wrong. Yep, just 1 thing.

    I call a properly setup Ad campaign a "Money Machine". It generates leads for your business while you sleep. But you have a problem with your Money Machine. It's not Setup properly.

    What I mean is this..

    When you did your advertising on Google, did you...

    1. Install Google Analytics
    2. Install Conversion tracking so you know EXACTLY which Ad or Keyword made the sale for you?
    3. Research how much your Competitors are spending? (Yes there are tools to do that)
    4. Research the Best keywords by its "Search Volume" and "Cost" and not just what you "think" people search for?
    5. Monitor and add Negative Keywords? Businesses waste over 50% of their ad spend every month on unnecessary keywords. This is the most important element by a mile
    6. Create separate ads for every 4 - 5 keywords? The reason is if the user's search term doesn't match the "Ad's text" or the heading on the "Landing page" visitors are less likely to take action. That means you are losing money.
    7. Create 5 - 10 Campaigns and 5 - 10 Ad Groups inside them? The only way to see how your Ads and Keywords are performing is to break them in to small chunks.

    if you ran Facebook Ads, did you...

    1. Install the Facebook Pixel? This is what collects data about your website visitors so Facebook knows more about your audience to show the right Ad to the right audience.
    2. Create a Persona of your ideal client. This is the key to target the ads to the RIGHT person out of all the 2 billion Facebook users
    3. Create 50 - 100 Test Ads at a time. Yes you heard it right, 50 - 100 Ads with different "Interests" to test what works best for your product or service? There are tools to create Ads in bulk but testing and monitoring how they perform is the key.
    4. Last but not least, Lookalike Audiences. This is the game changer. This is how you cut down your Ad spend to 1/3rd and still get the same number of enquiries.

    I'm sure you went “WOW, I've never head of them!”

    Like I said, Fb Ads and Google Adwords are the best advertising methods on the plant hands down. But as you can see there's a lot of work involved in getting Google Ads and Facebook Ads working for your business, product or service. Because these platforms are easily accessible for anyone, people think they can just throw money at it and land new clients. It doens't work that way.

    Let’s crunch the numbers

    • Let’s assume you want 100 customer enquiries per month.
    • Each client brings you $100 in profit.
    • If everything goes as planned you'll get 100 clients X $100 per client which is $10,000 in profit per month.
    • Do you think it's worthwhile to spend, let's say $5000/month to gain $10,000/month? or $10000 to gain $20,000?

    I know it is! You get the idea right.

    What if there was a machine you could put in $3000 that pumps out $10,000?

    That's exactly what I do for our clients. I sit down and analyse their current situation and make an Advertising Strategy or in other words build their very own Money Machine so they can confidently put in $5000/month and get $10k - $50k/month in sales.

    But is it guaranteed? It's not. Nothing in business is. But investing into the business with someone who's been there done that is a better way to go than just throwing money hoping it'll stick.

    Don't wait till you are ready and don't have second thoughts if this is worth it. Trust me. It is.

    Let's jump on a FREE Strategy Call. Scroll up and submit your detials. I'm excited to see how I can help your business get more sales.

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