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Udi Ura
So you have seen it. You go to a website and their Ads popup wherever you go. Why and how to follow people around and does it have any impact on sales? It has a huge impact on sales. Here's why and how it works. People research before they buy. Let's say you want to buy a TV and you do price shopping for a couple of days. After a week or so one of the websites you visited earlier last week pop up on your Facebook wall or on Youtube out of nowhere. Then you click it and you are ready to make the purchase.  This is called "Retargeting" or "Remarketing". It works great and that's how I brought you to this article as well.  Maybe you saw one of my Facebook Ads a couple of days ago and you visited my Website. Now I'm going to give you more FREE "Educational Content" around how Online Marketing works and direct you to book a FREE 30 Minute Strategy Session with me if you still haven't..  When I follow you around for some time you finally decide to jump on a call with me. It's that simple. Of course, every strategy is
4 signs you need help with your Digital Marketing
Udi Ura
Facebook is a hub of all active buyers. Well, its just one of them. But If your business Facebook page isn't active, your customer will notice. People make a LOT of buying decisions right on their Facebook page.  How do we know it? Here's how. We recently built a Website for a Personalised Silicone Wristbands manufacturer in Melbourne. They say being active on Facebook is the best things they have done for their business.  Companies hire consultants & accountants, pro athletes hire fitness experts, and you probably have hired a tax advisor. As a business owner, hiring the right Digital Marketing Agency will help you grow your brand online through every Digital media. Here are four reasons why you might need help from a digital marketing agency. 1. Lack of time. Growing a small business is tough, because most of the time you will be doing million things at once. And that's the exact reason why I built UdiMedia. To help Small businesses with Digital Marketing and Advertising. I remember when I wished there were more hours in the day so I can finish all the tasks I was supposed to finish last week. We know that internet marketing is important for your business, but due
Responsive Web Design
Udi Ura
Mobilegeddon is a Google algorithm update rolled out recently mainly built for mobile devices. Web developers and web masters have given this name to a Google Mobile friendly update released on April 21, 2015. The main aim of this update is to increase the ranking of Responsive Websites on mobile devices and smart phones. Searches made from computer or laptop are not affected with this update. The impact of this algorithm is huge after its launch as it hit a lot of high ranking websites. Mobilegeddon is for People Mobile friendly update certainly helps people to find high quality content along with relevant search results. Searchers need not require tapping or zooming for the relevant result, as the text is easily readable and tap targets are spaced appropriate. Google has taken much care that page should not display unplayable content and horizontal scrolling. Key Features of this Update: Search ranking only on mobile devices is affected. Globally, search results in all languages are affected. Works on individual web pages and not complete website. Why the mobile-friendly change is important? People exploring local information with their smart phones, consists of 94% of the population. Mobile searches occurring at home or in office is
CRM for Business
Udi Ura
Recently I helped a client setup a CRM system for their business. The client's business was running for over 6 years with rapid growth and I showed him how he can grow even faster with a CRM. Let's get into it. A CRM or a Customer Relationship Manager (Software) is using technology to analyse customers interactions through out customer life cycle. A CRM basically helps in analyzing existing and potential customers data and interactions which in turn improves business relationship with the customer. Today a business of any magnitude needs a CRM system to facilitate smooth sales, marketing and customer support throughout the life cycle of a customer.  There are many CRM solutions available in the market today as per needs and complexity of the business. One such solution is SalesforceTM which provides a cloud based enterprise cloud computing solution. InsightlyTM is another a strong and affordable customer CRM and a project management tool combination. There are a lot of advantages of using CRM solutions. Some of the essential ones are; 1. Centralized repository of customer data A CRM enables you to keep all your customer data such as Name, Email, Past orders, Calls, Notes, Tasks, Followups etc at one place which can further be
More traffic
Currently, there are billions of web pages online, and millions of websites are launched every day throughout the world. For your business to make any economic sense, you need to sell more and thus generate more revenue. Stay ahead of the pack by increasing the number of people that visit your Website. However, that’s only the first step. You need to convert those page visits to leads and therefore profits. Below are some of the easy to do ways of increasing your leads in just seven days. Day 1 Use more images Make your page stand out by using more images and less text. Pictures will capture the attention of visitors faster than plain text. Also, images break the monotonous nature of websites making them more inviting. Keep information on your landing page concise. If your page isn't clear on what is being offered, you will only encourage visitors to go to your rivals’ web pages. Your text should be crystal clear and straight to the point. Ensure you are brief and always have a description of your offers. Make a bullet point list of the benefits people will gain when they purchase your product. Day 2 & 3 Set up
Website Design Quote
Udi Ura
I recently wrote and article on Website design pricing and discussed the difference between a $1000 and a $10,000 Websites. Have a read through that before this. We all know we get what you pay for. In this article I am going to talk about another factor that affects a LOT when getting a Website Design in Australia. Is the WHO. Who designs your website. There are 6 type of Website Designers in Australia; 1. The web designer. (The bedroom designer. Im not being rude here) The part-time freelancer has a full-time job and only designs websites as a hobby to earn some extra cash. They are great if you want a budget website. Unfortunately, due to part time freelancers having a full-time job, getting a hold of him during working hours is nearly impossible. Also, you need not have a solid deadline due to their full-time work schedules. Your overall experience & happiness would be around : 5/10. Website design prices could vary from $200 - $900. 2. The offshore company Here, you source an overseas firm for you web design needs. One advantage of such a company is that you will save costs. This is due to the lower living costs
3 elements your website must have
Udi Ura
We did the research and we found out the 3 most powerful features your website must have. These 3 features will build trust between you and your customers and keep them coming again and again.  Let’s start first with explaining the basics. What is a lead in the business world? The lead is a person who has shown interest in your company, product and/or services in a certain way, form or shape. Business and company websites strive for that attention and interest and try multiple ways to generate leads at a frequent rate. These are tree elements that your business website must have in order to increase the lead generation. 1. A Blog This is one of the best ways to generate leads on your website. Having a new freshly written content in a form, which the user can relate to – the blog – generates views and raises awareness to the website as a whole. Just remember that just “having” doesn’t equal “succeeding”, the contents of the blog need to be at close topic to the websites thematic, be of high quality, adequately used language and informative. 2. Reviews and feedback Leave room for this option, it has been proven
Webmail issues
Udi Ura
Webmail is free. And that's attractive. But we all know every free thing comes with a cost. So with Webmail it can be server issues, unreliability, mobility, poor email search function, spam and a lot of spam? Sounds familiar?  And that's the exact reason I decided to write this article.  Webmail can be frustrating especially if your company deals with a large number of email everyday. Tracing that important email between you and a potential client can be stressful. So the solution? It's Google Apps for Work (previously referred to as Google Apps for Business) handling emails has never been easier. With this incredible service from Google, your IT department (If you have one) will be able to get rid of all those painful server issues and focus on more critical IT matters. Let's get straight into it. Below are five benefits of Google Apps for Work 1. Great uptime and reliability This is the most important reason why I recommend Google Apps. Google Apps for Work is designed to withstand any disruptions because data is mirrored across several servers in real time. This means that if one center fails, another will take up the data with no visible interruptions to
6 Marketing Tools for Startups
Udi Ura
When starting your own business it is very important to know how to exactly advertise and sell your products or services to the public. So we did the research and here are the 6 best marketing tools for startups and entrepreneurs we think works well! 1. Buffer This is a free social media scheduling tool, a great way to stay ahead with marketing across all of your social platforms. When you wear many hats in your business, it going to be challenging stay on top of all social media channels. This tool lets you connect a profile from each of your networks, could be Facebook, Twitter etc., and to schedule ahead 10 posts for each network. The number of posts you share per day equals the number of days you stay ahead. This saves you time and basically does your marketing for you. Website : https://buffer.com 2. Google Analytics This is popular. A free tool developed by Google, which can track pretty much everything in terms of traffic that comes to your website. This includes page views, top referrals, AdWord performance, top social traffic sources, top active pages and geo locations and many others. Website : https://www.google.com.au/analytics/ 3. Hotjar Again a free tool, which can give
Online Marketing Agency Melbourne
Udi Ura
As you already know a website is critical to any business. An excellent and well-designed site can determine how well your business will perform. That being said, many companies have realized the importance of having an online presence. However, the most important question is: How well is your website performing? How do you determine if it’s bringing you the returns that you desire? With such a large number of marketing methods currently available, it can be challenging to track your leads and understand where to spend your marketing monies. Analytics Analytics is one of the best ways of tracking leads. It’s an important part of the lead management formula. The most popular is Google Analytics, which can do a range of things including tracking visitors, what they do on your website, the most effective ads, and which are the best performing key phrases that bring in sales. Having such information is relevant to a website owner as it will help to know how they can adjust their site data so as to be more pleasing and inviting to visitors. CRM Integrations Customer Relationship Management software is important in tracking how well you relate to your customers. CRMs let you keep track of your current
Udi Ura
The importance of the social media to any business or startup has shifted over the years from being just an optional marketing strategy to being a priority. Twitter and Facebook have become such an integral part of marketing that most companies have social media marketing to their PR and marketing departments. This new form of marketing is especially important for startups who are working with smaller budgets. However, despite the importance and potential of social media, very few companies maximize its potential. Marketing your startup on a small budget It’s critical for you as a startup to budget your monies well so that you don’t burn out at the launch level. Remember that it’s tough to succeed in a highly competitive environment if people don’t know your products Since time immemorial people have always marketed their products by word of mouth. The concept hasn’t changed, but the sweet spot has. In comes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Vine, which have completed changed the marketing industry. It has enabled startups to reach millions of customers worldwide. So the fundamental question: What is the best social media channel for Australian Startups? To be sincere, there is no single channel that’s best
Udi Ura
Internet marketing has grown in leaps in bounds. Some years back, before the explosion of social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, companies used to use online marketing as just an optional way of getting their brand out there. Currently, it’s a priority. As a startup, you need to set aside some of your funds to Digital marketing. There are currently thousands of firms that do online marketing in Australia. So the question is, how do you find that online marketing agency that’s going to work for you? What considerations do you need to ponder on before you choose company X over company Y? Google certified employees First, you need to check whether the employees who will be handling internet marketing for your business are approved by Google. Hiring a firm that has employees certified by Google will enable you to maximize the benefits of internet marketing as they are well versed with all procedures. Your startup needs to budget well, making sure they know the amount of money that will be going to the agency and the monies that will be going to Google for the advertisements. Google certified companies need to have a Google Partner Badge that
Top Salesman
Udi Ura
A salesman can do amazing things and bring in loads of leads and sales to your business. It's tried and tested and there's no doubt about it. If your Startup or Small Business is gunned with a Top Salesman your business will boost in months, not years not decades.  But, there is a problem. You are just starting up and you cannot afford a Top salesman and pay him atleast $130,000 right? That's the average Salesman's salary with 6+ years of experience and that includes commisions and bonuses.  Ok I am going to tell you your Startup CAN actually afford a top sales gun, AND for 1/5th the cost. That is for lets say roughly $25,000. You won't believe me? That cannot be true? Think of it this way. You hired a new Salesman, and he is amazing. He has years of experience and he does exactly what you want him to do.  Your customers love him He's friendly and trustworthy He gives exactly what your customers are looking for He doesn't ask for commissions and bonuses He doesn't chit chat And best of all he works 24 hours 7 days a week (Now you get it right?) And he doesn't sleep He
Udi Ura
We are living in the digital era where millions of people use the internet to consume fresh and new content. As a businessperson, owning a Website is critical to increasing the awareness of your brand. The popular question among our clients is how to get my website on first page of Google and Bing, the most popular search engines people use to search for products and services. That's because our current clients understand the benefits of having a website for their business.  It’s surprising that only 47.1% of all Australian businesses have an online presence. That is half the businesses in Australia don't have a business website design. The honest trust is, that 52.9% of business owners are missing out a LOT! With the millions of people using the internet to access info, as a business owner, you need to have a website so internet users can simply, reach you!  So what’s the real purpose of having a website? Selling of goods or services Gone are the days where people walked to shops looking for products and services. We recently built a Website where you can design a Custom Made-to-measure Suit online and get it delivered to your home in a week. You will enter your
Facebook Advertising
Udi Ura
I am going to share our Facebook Advertising checklist we use at UdiMedia. This has helped Australian Businessowners save thousands of advertising dollars. It has become a common practice for people to advertise their products and/or services using Facebook. Just pay for the ad and it will show up on Facebook’s sidebar or on the Newsfeed. But is that it? Facebook Ads could give you great publicity, but used wrongly it could cost you a lot of your marketing budget with no return on the investment. I'll discuss some Online Marketing methods we use at UdiMeida for Facebook Advertising in Australia. So, you may know the main ads displaying criteria Facebook has.  Targeting (Advertised as 89% accurate) – You are able to target people by their location, interests, age group and behaviors, all which you could manually set as criteria. The frequency of the Ad and its visitation – You can advertise based on Ad impressions or by paying per click basis, also known as PPC. So here's how to Increase Revenue and Decrease Costs when advertising on Facebook. You need to create a good strategy so that you invest enough but not too much in order to increase your ROI. Here is the check list we
Business Website Design Melbourne
Udi Ura
This is a question I get asked a LOT! So thought of writing a basic article about it.  Anyone who is already on the verge of starting their own business understands the need to create a well-structured and a robust website. This means that it must be optimized for various search engines, have an easy-accessible and modern design, and run flawlessly. Knowing this, the next thing to seriously consider is: How much money you should spend on a website? There are a few types of approaches on the matter of creating your website: A free (DIY) website Having a friend/relative do it for you Having a professional do it, being a specific person or an online marketing agency So the price range for creating the site can go all the way from $0 (for free) to up to thousands of dollars. We will focus our attention on two distinct budget groups; $1000 Up to $10,000 People experienced in website creation would often say that a $10k website is what everyone needs to focus on, the reason being that anything designed for under that price could end up unnoticeable for the online public and underdeveloped, and anything over $10 000 will be overpaying
Mobile Responsive Web Design Melbourne
Udi Ura
Mobile manufacturing companies are selling hundreds of millions of devices every year signifying the surge in the use of mobile devices used mainly to consume online content. The most popular devices include mobile phones, tablets and lately phablets. Such a shift has led Google to change its search algorithm to favor sites that are mobile friendly. This means that your site will be given priority and rank higher on Google if it’s mobile friendly. Google stated that people with sites that are less mobile friendly would most likely see a hit in their of rankings. Internet enthusiasts have termed such a move as a “Mobilegeddon.” Some of the changes that the company would look into when determining whether a site is mobile-friendly include the text size & links layout. For instance, how close the site links are to each other, how wide the content is in relation to the screen size and if the mobile viewport is set or not. What’s better is that the company released an easy to use tool that you can use to test your site and get to see if its mobile friendly or not. You only need to paste your site in the address bar provided
Email Marketing Melbourne
Udi Ura
Email marketing is an effective marketing method you can use to improve your web presence.This particular method of advertising is also cheap and easy to do. Email marketing is important as it helps businesses build long lasting relationships which critical for any successful business. Here are some of the popular ways you can collect email addresses. 1. Adding a newsletter sign up feature on your site or blog is one of the most popular methods of building that email list you have always wanted. You could even add a sign-up feature for your newsletter on the main navigation bar of your website. The sign-up feature shouldn’t ask for too much personal information lest no one will fill any forms. The email address is enough even though some sites include names in the fill-up form. Also, you could add a sign-up feature in the “About Us” page or the footnote of every page of your website. 2. Other quick and easy methods of collecting email addresses are by attending conferences, seminars, networking events or trade shows. When you attend such events, carry around a newsletter sign up form or book. If you are a tech lover, use a tablet or phablet

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